Currently I have cut out sugar and anything with high fat content out of my diet totally around 1200 calories a day. More if my activity level is higher than usual.

I am loosely following the South Beach Diet to keep me on track and provide me with healthy recipes.

Below is an example of what I might eat in a day minus snacks (usually vegetables).

Scrambled egg whites, no butter, cooked with lots of mushrooms.
1 cup V8 vegetable juice
1 triangle Laughing Cow Light Cheese

Turkey Roll-Ups (Romaine lettuce, skim cheese, turkey, roll together, eat)
1/4 cup 1% cottage cheese + pepper for taste
Up to 10 cherry tomatos

Baked salmon with lemon and pepper
Steamed asparagus and carrots

Either a skinny cow 90 calorie fudge bar
Skim Ricotta cheese, lemon juice, splenda, whipped together to make a lemon mousse.