Week 2

Week 2  Body

Week 2 Body

Day 1 – Good morning! Here’s me at the begging of week 2. I’ve noticed a bit of change in the firmness in my stomach, my hips look a bit more gracious, and my pants are fitting  A LOT better. I’m starting to love working out everyday. Unfortunately I will be in the car for two hours today and then we have a brunch with Christopher’s family in cottage country. I will do my best to not have too many cookies! 🙂 Keep rooting for me!

Day 2 – Way too lazy

Day 3 – Even lazier

Day 4 – Wow! I can’t believe I only have 3 days left to work out this week! I really fell behind after a weekend in cottage country. LOTS of food and little, to no exercising…*shame*. However, I made myself get back in gear today. I have eaten properly and worked my body as it need.
240 ab reps + 200 jumping jacks + 60 lunges + 60 squats + 40 push ups. I will also do my best to go for a walk this evening. Thanks for your support!

Day 5 – nada

Day 6 – nada

Day 7 – nada



One response to “Week 2

  1. Garrett Stouffe

    You arent wearing any make up or anything but you look soooo pretty in this picture! you are so gorgeous! So do you have a color theme?

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