Starting Over: Week Two


Excuse the red line around my waist. I was wearing tights earlier.

So this is me after week two…no doubt that I could be working harder. However, there has been a bit of improvement. My stomach is more defined and so is my waist. My legs are a bit slimmer around the outside and fold under my armpit has diminished a bit. Overall I feel a lot less round.

I did mainly crunches and stretching this week. Nothing too hardcore. I’m trying to gradually work up to my goals. I added in jumping jacks here and there also.

Yesterday I did 300 jumping jacks and 100 squats and over 150 crunches.  To start week three I plan on doing the same.

The main problem I have is my diet. I’m never quite sure what to make for dinner. I want to make an overall change, not just a quick fix and that’s a very hard thing to do especially when I love things like tacos! I make little changes everyday though…