Food Journal

Here is where I will document what I eat everyday… I am sure it will be a rocky start as I grew up in Texas eating more chicken fried steak than anyone should in a lifetime…also chocolate is my weakness! So i must be careful.

Monday 01/18 – Today hasn’t been so bad. I had a crumpet with raspberry jam totaling 110 calories; for lunch i had a 3/4 cup of honeynut cheerios and 3/4 cup light soy milk totaling 180 calories; for my snack I had a Naked juice in the mini container which i think was 170 calories; for dinner I am having chicken noodle soup and steamed broccoli and carrots totaling around 200 calories.  Not a very good caloric intake, but since I sat around most of the day I don’t think it hurts…No chocolate and very little sugar. I’m off to a good start.

Tuesday 01/19 – Completely fell off the wagon…lets add these awful calories up you guys…Breakfast, I had 2 pieces of toast with jam totaling 320 calories; for lunch I had a bowl of chili with a whole wheat role totaling 530 calories; for dinner I had filet of sole, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots and a piece of Daim cake…oh no…totaling 790 calories; which means i had 1650 calories…AH!!that’s 400 over the amount I am supposed to have. Better do some hard work on Wednesday to catch up!

Wednesday 01/20 – Not a terrible day all around. I had 1.5 cups of cheerios + milk which ended up being around 300 calories. I wasn’t that hungry during lunch, so I went on to dinner and had baked chicken, broccoli, and corn with a glass of white wine totally around 700 calories….that puts me at 1000 calories for the day. Not too bad as I am supposed to be eating 1200 and I could be working out a lot more.

Thursday 01/21 – coming up!