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The Paper Flower Project

Yesterday I was thinking about elementary school. Every year we would have a carnival called The Wildflower Festival where we bought tickets to play games and do crafts. One of the crafts offered was a paper flower station. A teacher on the other side of he table would hand us our favorite color tissue paper. Then we would follow her directions to make the most beautiful, soft looking rose. Because the stems were made of pipe cleaners, we could tie them around our wrists and wear them around all day long. All of the little girls loved them and looked forward to making them every year. (Or at least I did anyway) 🙂

Then it dawned on me – this kind of flower is perfect for any flower girl. Not only is it safe for girls with allergies, but they can also take part in the process of creating these beauties. It’s an inexpensive way to create a lasting memory. The image above is a flower I created last night. I didn’t have any “soft” tissue paper so I used the remainder of some packaging paper from Crate and Barrel. Instead of pipe cleaners I used a maroon ribbon to give it a dressier, classier feel. The rose came out to about 5 inches in diameter with 8 layers of petals. Keep in mind that traditional tissue paper will give a more whimsical look to your flower. Also keep in mind the bigger the tissue paper, the bigger the flower. Perfect for outdoor weddings. You can even let the flower girl choose a scent she likes and have her spray a bit on her new keepsake.

Here’s a tutorial video on how to make these blooms:

Another option for paper flowers is for the bride. On 100 Layer Cake a bride decided she wanted her day to have an Alice in Wonderland sort of feel, creating this amazing flower to use as her bouquet. You can find directions on how to create one of these yourself here.


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The Traditional Shoe = Dead.

You know what I love about today’s brides? They aren’t hell-bent on doing things the traditional way. More importantly, they aren’t sold on the idea that their shoes have to be white or ivory. As a matter of fact, most brides want their shoes to be spontaneous and fun. So, here are some of my favorites!

These are the shoes I wore. More traditional, yes, but I paid tribute to my bridesmaids with the color. Thank you to Stuart Weitzman for these beauties.

Christian Louboutin always makes my heart pitter patter a bit faster than normal. He is responsible for this pair of cute and classy heels. I love the ruffle detailing and spunky color.

I also really admire these crystal encrusted, satin, black pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti. I feel like these should be worn with a shorter dress at a nighttime cocktail style wedding. What do you think?

ooooooh Valentino…the things you do to me. I think these shoes speak for themselves. So romantic.

God bless you Kate Spade. God bless you for these wonderful slingbacks.

Lastly i found these ADORABLE flats by Rene Caovilla. Comfy and classy. My favorite!

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Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding

Chelsea Clinton has received some very negative press about her wedding. Namely that she spent WAY too much. Some even had the audacity to criticize her gown. Come on people. If you could have Vera Wang personally design your gown you would do it too. And anyway, Chelsea looked more beautiful than she’s ever looked!

What I think has been passed over are the INCREDIBLE guest favors with private labeling. WOW! And it was all local goodies from Rhinebeck, NY! I’m in guest favor heaven right now! Thanks to for the images.


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Mill Street Coffee – 300 S. Mill Street Cleburne, TX

A lot of people have been asking, “How’s married life?” I’m actually not too sure how to answer them. Christopher and I have spent a lot of time apart. I think married life is preparing the rest of our lives to go smoothly and dividing our attention between a lot of people! However, it’s been very fun and Christopher and I are always SUPER excited to see each other. Thankfully this week and next we will be on the boat traveling from the San Juan Islands, to Sidney, BC to many other beautiful places. Together. We’re excited!

So why have we been apart? Well, Christopher is consulting with a management company and leading seminars across the USA for 3 days a week every week. And me, well I’ve been in Texas for weeks at a time helping my dad to start his new business venture: Mill Street Coffee! It’s his first shop and it is SUPER cute. It’s located in Cleburne, Texas and everything brewed is 100% Organic. The hot chocolate, the coffee, you name it. It’s delicious!

BRIDES – if you’re looking for guest favors, Mill Street Coffee, along with R&R Bean can provide individual servings of ground, or whole bean ORGANIC coffee. Customized labels on everything and silver or gold packaging. Contact me: if you are interested and I can send you pictures and pricing. These are a great hit with guests.

Here are some photos of the shop!



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Cake Consultation

Instead of going with a traditional, tiered cake, Christopher and I have decided a tiered Cupcake cake will suit our cocktail reception best.  Each guest will have their own cupcake and Christopher and I will cut from a solid tier at the top. I’m SO excited! I think it’s going to beautiful and fun all the same time which, if you know me, that’s what I aspire to be! 😉 Today I am having my cake consultation with Original Cupcakes in Vancouver and am thrilled to discuss exactly what we’d like the cake to look like and most of all FLAVORS! My mouth is watering just thinking about all of the yummy combinations. It’s really a shame that I gave up dessert for Lent, isn’t it? When Easter rolls around I will be MORE than ready for one of these delectables! See what I mean?

Thank you to Baker’s Journal for this image.

The tiers really make or break this centerpiece. A tier that isn’t designed well can look like a christmas tree, or hopelessly unattractive. So my next quest? Finding the perfect cupcake tier!

Wish me luck!


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J.Crew Bridesmaids

Well after looking long and hard I finally found the dress my bridesmaids will appear in provided they all feel confident when they put them on and look in the mirror. It’s silk chiffon with a twisted bust in graphite.

I’ve decided  to let the girls pick out their own shoes together. A very light champagne or silver will look nice, I think.

I’m sure they’ll make the best choice!

To compliment the graphite, I’ve decided that blush pink flowers (peonies preferably…or antique roses…we’ll see) will be just the right amount of decoration with pearls, pearls, and more pearls!

Best of all this dress was only $170 at! For those searching for bridesmaids dresses you know that’s a steal! The other dress I had in mind was $300 and it wasn’t that much better. So here! here! J. Crew!

Next up will be information about our HONEYMOON!!



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My Wedding Shoes!

Christopher and I went shopping today to scout out some wedding shoes. Honestly, I didn’t think  I would find the perfect pair but like any girly girl I am always up for a good trip to the mall! 🙂 So, off we went. We went from store to store to store…I didn’t see too much that I liked. There was one pair by Ragazza that was quite beautiful, but I insisted we look just a bit more. We found Jimmy Choo to have a great pair of blush pink pumps (one of my wedding colors) but with a price tag $550 we decided to keep walking. Suddenly, there they were…STUART WEITZMAN shining in all his glory. MY shoes! The PERFECT pair.

Are they traditional? No. Not at all. They are silk, sling backs in a stunning slate color. Why slate? Well I think it is just the right amount of detail and it’s the other color in my decor. Slate and blush.  The silk gives an antique vibe which I LOVE.

So, without further ad0, my wedding shoes….

Aren’t they wonderful? The detail on the toes makes me sigh every time I see it! Furthermore, it slims my foot and has NO clunkiness at all. There’s a detail on the buckle that is charming as well. It’s just a tiny piece of patent leather in the same color. It adds a slight shine that says “HEY CLASSY GIRL!” 🙂 Oh, Stuart…will you marry me? Oops! I mean, come to my wedding?! YES?! YES!

Now for the grand finale! Check out the price on these babies! 🙂 I will go die now.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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