If I Could Marry My Husband Again

Here’s what I’d be dreaming about…

Vera Wang Spring 2011 Collection. This soft pink makes my heart sing.

Stephanie Allin Dolce Vita Collection. This dress is so fresh and fun to me. It makes me want to salsa all over the dance floor.

Pnina Tornai in silk taffeta and beaded lace. *swoon* So romantic.

Angelo Lambrou organza gown is so vintage. This color makes me wish my skin were as porcelin as the models. Stunning.

Lazaro collection. This dress reminds me of winter and I love the detailing on the waist and texture of the skirt. What a beautiful ball gown. Frill without looking like Cinderella. Dreams do come true.


Also, I found these shoes and can’t stop staring at them! In love x 50 million! Thank you Jimmy Choo!



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6 responses to “If I Could Marry My Husband Again

  1. I met Jimmy Choo in London two summers ago at his personal boutique. He actually sold the rights to the “Jimmy Choo” brand in the 90s for several Million to his buisness partner. Still love those though! Nice to see a post again.

  2. Becca

    Those shoes are amazing! I wonder how much they are?! Probably like a $1000. Keep the posts coming! I love all things weddins!

  3. Thandi Tolmay

    Dolly you have excellent taste!
    I especially love the 2nd and 3rd one.
    You know what…. you might want to consider hiring yourself out as a bridal consultant/planner. I know you’ve got a job already but you’re so young that now is the time to try new things!

  4. Thanks Thandi 🙂 I have considered it…working every weekend and holiday scares me a bit though. That’s the drawback. Though I think it would be a fun and exciting career!

  5. The Lazaro gown makes me dream of a wedding of my own!

  6. Dolly, Thandi may be right! We could do it together! COME on!

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