Fall Weddings 2010

Here are some of my favorite trends on the fall 2010 wedding circuit. What are you guys into? Anything you’ll incorporate in your own wedding?

Sashes! Sashes! Sashes! I love that designers are giving every bride a WAIST this season.

Vera Wang Fall 2010

The little white dress! My favorite trend this spring and summer. So happy it’ll be around Fall 2010 too. Show those nice, tanned legs ladies!

Jenny Yoo Bridal Alternatives Fall 2010

Go Vintage this fall! Lace, antique roses, blues, peaches, tulle…chunky heels are a must!

Stephanie Allin – Bardot – Fall 2010

Too cold for bare shoulders? Wear delicate sheer sleeves, or a practical, elegant shrug. You’ll still look beautiful, graceful, and can “shrug it off” when it comes time to heat up the dance floor.

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010 Collection

FEATHERS! It seems designers can’t get enough of the feather look this season. Most often the look is created with silk organza material. When done tastefully your gown will look elegant and soft. Make sure to not look too puffy though. Your fiance wants to marry you, not Big Bird.

Lazaro Bridal Collection 2010 – Style #: LZ3051




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2 responses to “Fall Weddings 2010

  1. The Spring Bride

    Love the fall style which I am happy about because my wedding is Fall 2011. After trying on dresses I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want a sash or some defining detail around their waist, it really defines the dress and our waist. My dress has a satin ribbon already attached with bow just off center right under my bust line. Love organza and lace it is soft romantic and classic!

  2. Garrett Stouffe

    I love the feathered look. You know Sex and the City 1, the movie, they had a feather dress in one of her photo shoots and I totally would wear that. And long white gloves, love gloves, so classy. Okay I sound more like a woman then I ever have before!

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