Mill Street Coffee – 300 S. Mill Street Cleburne, TX

A lot of people have been asking, “How’s married life?” I’m actually not too sure how to answer them. Christopher and I have spent a lot of time apart. I think married life is preparing the rest of our lives to go smoothly and dividing our attention between a lot of people! However, it’s been very fun and Christopher and I are always SUPER excited to see each other. Thankfully this week and next we will be on the boat traveling from the San Juan Islands, to Sidney, BC to many other beautiful places. Together. We’re excited!

So why have we been apart? Well, Christopher is consulting with a management company and leading seminars across the USA for 3 days a week every week. And me, well I’ve been in Texas for weeks at a time helping my dad to start his new business venture: Mill Street Coffee! It’s his first shop and it is SUPER cute. It’s located in Cleburne, Texas and everything brewed is 100% Organic. The hot chocolate, the coffee, you name it. It’s delicious!

BRIDES – if you’re looking for guest favors, Mill Street Coffee, along with R&R Bean can provide individual servings of ground, or whole bean ORGANIC coffee. Customized labels on everything and silver or gold packaging. Contact me: if you are interested and I can send you pictures and pricing. These are a great hit with guests.

Here are some photos of the shop!




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2 responses to “Mill Street Coffee – 300 S. Mill Street Cleburne, TX

  1. This sounds so great. Congrats to your dad, my parents area also starting their own business (corporate housing) in Orlando, Fl. I will definitely keep this in mind as favors for my wedding next October, I have some major coffee lovers in my family and if not would make a great Christmas gift for my dad!

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. This is so great! I would love to try Mill Street’s coffee when I visit Texas- not sure when that is but when I do, I’m there. The shop looks great and every town deserves an organic coffee shop!

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