Body Hate

Sometimes I really hate my body. No, not in a depressed teenager sort of way, but I am angry that it isn’t up to par. I hate it for not gaining stamina as fast as I think it should and I hate that it hates running yet will eat 3 cupcakes in one sitting if I let it. What a stupid body! It gains weight faster than anyone could ever imagine. One day toned. The next blob…ugh. Gross.

I worked out really hard today. I took off about a week with minimal exercising…aka walking my dog for 20 minutes. I still like P90X. It’s not supposed to be easy, or feel bad for you for being out of shape. It says “Whatever. Do it and it will hurt less” haha The kick boxing stuff is my favorite. High intensity and not boring one bit!

Ok, after that complain fest I should say 5 good things about my body.

1. I am not pimple prone

2. I build muscle easily

3. My limbs are in proportion to each other

4. It allows me to be flexible

5. It doesn’t look like anyone else.

Have a good weekend everyone!!




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3 responses to “Body Hate

  1. Hey Dolly,
    Lots of women can relate to this.. (including me). There is such a LOVE/HATE relationship with a person and their body. Sometimes I’m amazed by it and other times I’m disappointed in it. I think that’s just how it works. But, I like that you listed five good things. Sometimes, it’s hard to focus on the positive. I’m glad you see those good things!
    Hope you’re doing well!
    Love Lauren

  2. The Spring Bride

    don’t forget your hubby loves you as you are, and putting yourself down is actually retroactive to your body. 🙂 Trust me I have things I wish I could easily change but I try to remember that how he sees me isn’t how I see myself and I shouldn’t stress too much about it.

  3. Kristie

    You are stunning! But most of all, when the body starts to breakdown, you’ll still have two amazing things – a gorgeous smile and a rockin’ personality!

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