The Honeymoon is Almost Over

For the past 16 days I have been ¨honeymooning¨ with my honey. Was that cheesy enough for you? To be honest, my whole body has felt like quite the cheeseball, but there´s something about the way french fries taste on vacation that just make me want to order plates and plates of them. Luckily we´ve been active and therefore I have remained the same weight. However, I will be continuing P90X when I return home to Canda.

So where are we now? We arrived in Barcelona today the last stop on our cruise. What an adventure we´ve had so far! Paris was absolutely incredible. Christopher and I biked down the Champs Elysee (not sure if that spelling is correct) in the heart of rush hour traffic. What a thrill! We stopped at cute cafes and had thirst quinching lemonade and as always, I was impressed and charmed by Christopher´s ability to speak french so well. He was even commended for his accent several times. I´m a lucky girl.

From Paris we ventured on the cruise ship to Monte Carlo, Monaco. Lots of yachts. Lots of money. Lots of cars. Bentleys all lined up as if they´re a dime a dozen. I haven´t quite accustomed my lifestyle to that right now, but I think I could get used to it 😉 Seriously though, the scenery was quite breathtaking and being the cheapskates we are, decided to enjoy it from the free restaurant on the boat. (hehehe)

Next up – Florence, Italy. We decided instead of paying for a bus tour it was more economical, and liberating to rent a car and drive through Tuscany for an hour until reaching downtown Florence. The country side was stunning! And Florence was charming. There were loads of tourists which would normally bother me, but something about the quaint, winding streets, the stacks of gelato, and the pizza made forget about any annoyances. I chose to have coconut and chocolate gelato in a chocolate waffle cone. Be jealous. It was to die for! We also went to Pisa, but lets be honest…it´s a tacky tourist destination. I did take a tacky photo of me holding up the tower. I´ll post that later.

Rome was unbelievable! I could post an entire entry just on that city and I might later. We took so many photos. The colors were so beautiful. The city never stops moving. It´s a little overwhelming. Like I said, I´ll post more later.

So here I am in Barcelona typing to you on (thankfully free wifi) the computer´s hotel. The cruise ship cost 75 cents a minute to use internet and it wasn´t even wifi! I am sunburnt from our bike tour this morning. We sat on the beach, had shandy and salads and spoke to some other travelers about the adventures they´ve had thus far. Christopher is napping. The day after tomorrow we´ll be heading home…I don´t really want to. I miss my puppy, but something tells me that Toronto just isn´t going to measure up. Can you blame me?

Photos coming soon, I promise!



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