Wedding Preview


Some people told us that while Christopher and I were saying our vows 3 bald eagles flew over us. What!? I can’t believe it. It was also forecast to rain at the exact time of our ceremony and somehow the Heavens opened up and it was brilliantly sunny! My luck must be running out soon.  This is far more than any girl deserves.

I know I said my next post would be about my bachelorette party, but I’m assuming you would like me to get right down to the nitty gritty and post some photos of the big day! Unfortunately, there is a turn around time on professional photos so for now I will post some of the amazing photos our friends captured.



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  1. Nora

    Hey Dolly,
    This is Reid’s friend Nora. I hope it’s not too creepy that I’m reading your blog. Anyway, I LOVE your dress, and you look so beautiful. I figured stalking is okay if it is followed by compliments, yes? I think I’m going to ask your advice whenever I get married, because I love your style so much. It’s exactly what I will want: feminine yet whimsical, with lots of vintage-y flavor. Anyway, I heard the wedding was fabulous, and I’m going to harass Reid into showing me more pictures when they come in.


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