Last weekend Christopher’s parents came into town after a visit in NYC. Christopher told me his aunt, uncle, and parents wanted to meet us for lunch which is the norm. so I threw on a decent dress, belt and comfy shoes. I put my makeup on in the car and let the convertible dry my hair in the wind. Overall…I looked preeettyy average, but acceptable in family standards.

When we arrived at Christopher’s aunt and uncle’s home I walked in and saw a cousin with a camera. I was very confused. Then I hear “SURPRISE!!!!” About 15 people were sitting in the living room waiting for me to arrive. I looked at Christopher confused and said “What?” He laughed and said “Dolly! This is a bridal shower…FOR YOU!”

“Oh my gosh!!!”

I began laughing and felt so grateful. Most of these women I didn’t even know. They heard another Howard was getting married and wanted to welcome me to the family. How sweet is that?! (And yes, they brought fantastic gifts!)

Here are a few highlights from the afternoon:

Arriving at the party

They made me this bikini and headpiece. En Vogue 🙂

I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of the food. It was SO delicious! And all of the women provided me with their own, personal, favorite recipes to keep in my new recipe box! Cute huh? I loved it.!

Family, if you’re reading…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!




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3 responses to “SURPRISE!

  1. Garrett Stouffe

    Average? You looked darn cute to me! Love that dress.

  2. You are so cute and you’re a VERY lucky girl. How great is that to have a recipe box with all their favorites. That’s a great idea!!

  3. Aunt Terra

    That is so sweet! The Howards’ sound like wonderful people. They are lucky to have you too! Love ya girl!

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