My Bridal Hair Piece

I made this while I was in Texas and played with my hair today just to see what it would look like. What do you think?



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5 responses to “My Bridal Hair Piece

  1. Becca

    This is STUNNINGLY gorgeous! I’m so excited Dolly! Your wedding is going to be a classy affair worthy of Audrey Hepburn. 🙂

  2. Kristin

    Very Beautiful! The white rose is personally my favorite flower. Very elegant, with a vintage flair to the style. How did you make it?

  3. Gillian Yager

    It seems to fit the style for your wedding very romantic I love the idea of a blossom would it be pink perhaps?

  4. Anna

    It’s beautiful Dolly! OMG, you’re going to look amazing!!! I can’t wait to see the dress and everything all together!

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