Waiting in Buffalo

I’m sitting in Buffalo Airport waiting for my plane to get here. Had I been smarter I would have spent $50 to arrive 2 hours earlier in Dallas, but I’m cheap and decided to wait out the extra time. Thank God for wifi right?

So, Wednesday I am going for my first dress fitting! How exciting! I’ve lost sooome weight, though after trying the fast food chain Checkers today, I’m sure I’ve gained it all back. I wish I could measure exactly how much grease is flowing out of my pours right now. So gross! No more fast food…bleh! I will probably just not eat the rest of the day to balance out the calories. haha I’m only kidding! (sort of)

The past week I’ve been thinking a lot about what it will feel like to be called Mrs. Howard.  Mrs. Howard? But..but…I’ve always been Miss Allison, or Miss Dolly…but Mrs. Dorothy Howard? Oh my – that does sound so mature doesn’t it? Well, the maturity of your name has nothing to do with your actual life style, I’ve decided. I will still play in the park with my puppy and skip whenever possible and there will be no mom jeans in my future for quite a while. I’ve grown used to looking youthful in the leggings I’m currently wearing anyway.

Aside from thinking about my new name I’ve been perfecting the signature of it. Is that crazy? I think I’m obsessed. Loops here and there and swoops abound! Mrs. Dorothy Allison Howard….hmm- I like it!

Some people have told me I will feel as though I’ve lost my identity but I’m excited about this new alias. I can’t to have it on my credit cards and passport! Oh, life is so good right now!

More updates to come!

The Future Mrs. Howard



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2 responses to “Waiting in Buffalo

  1. Jules

    Little Mrs. Dolly.
    You are just the darnest thing. ❤ . This put a smile on my face! thanks!

  2. liz mckinney

    hey i still havent changed my name lol and weve been married 6 months i just cant seem to change it. i like being mckinney but my husband i think really wants me to change it. i might after the baby gets here. idk its only a name right?

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