Fitness Update

I’ve finished week one of my jumping jacks challenge and am pleased to say that I met all my goals. I can’t believe it, but I did. I kept thinking, “Come on, Dolly…like 2 minutes of your life is really going to be a burden…” Now I’m on week two and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. On top of doing my jumping jacks I would like to give something else up. Maybe sugar? I don’t know. Maybe to not eat excessively…? My diet has been my biggest struggle, but I just keep imagining myself as a fat bride and that seems to help a bit.  I’m making little changes too. For instance, instead of walking my puppy around the block, I have started running her around the block. It doesn’t tire me out, but it’s a good change. Also, I don’t let myself eat everything my fiance eats like I used to do. Just because he’s eating a double bacon cheeseburger does not mean that I have to go anywhere near it! I’m not sure why I hadn’t learned this lesson earlier.

Anyway, here’s a meal plan I’m going to start following mostly. Hopefully it will help!

Also, week one photos are up on the Fitness page!

Best of luck to all the other brides-to-be getting in shape




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2 responses to “Fitness Update

  1. Aunt Terra

    Way to go girly!

  2. Dolly, I found you on the J Crew fbook page when you posted your bridesmaid dress… good luck with the fitness, girl! And great dress choice!

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