We have FINALLY booked our honeymoon and I am overwhelmed. Dolly’s not only getting married…she’s also going to EUROPE! What?! I can’t believe it! First of all, please understand that I have never been before…I haven’t even been to Mexico, so my mind is racing with thoughts about all the things I am going to get to see and do and take pictures of. I’m not even sure what to pack…oh goodness! Anyway, here is the itinerary!

May 16th is the wedding! The morning after we are flying from Vancouver to NYC and staying the night. (Probably eating at Alice’s Tea Cup!)

May 18th – 20th LONDON!!
20th – 22nd  – PARIS!!
23rd – BARCELONA!!

Then we’re getting on a cruise in Barcelona and going to the following places:

Then back to Barcelona where we will head home to Toronto!

I wish I could put into words just how lucky and excited I feel right now. (Hopefully the exclamation marks have done a decent job of that!!) Christopher of course planned all of this. Since he used to travel 3 weeks out of the month with his old job he had 100K hotel points which means in London, Paris, and Barcelona we’re staying in the NICEST hotels (for free!!). I’m just overwhelmed…I am having the honeymoon of my dreams and it’s looking like the wedding of my dreams. How on earth did I end up here?! Whatever happened, I am so so grateful and know that I’m lucky…I will make the BEST use of my time!!

Also, if anyone speaks Italian, please let me know…I don’t even know how to ask to go to the bathroom!




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2 responses to “HONEYMOON!

  1. You are one LUCKY girl. This sounds absolutely amazing. Wish I was going! You’re going to have so much fun.

  2. I went to Europe on a Study abroad trip this past summer through my university! It was amazing, went to Switzerland, Milan, Lake Como, Paris, London, and some areas close to London. Word of advice and follow this very carefully!!! Do not over pack! Just because you can bring a 75 pound bag doesn’t mean you should. Trust me I learned this the hard way when pulling my suitcase up and down 7 flights of stairs in the Paris metro and the handle broke, did I mention it was a brand new suitcase. My blog from my trip is attached if you want to take a look at pictures. In paris, I think the Musee D’Orsay is way better than the Louve and see just as much beautiful artwork without the hassle of getting lost. Anyway, this is long, Congrats on your wedding. I saw the dress from JCrew for the bridesmaids that is how I found this.

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