From now until Easter my mom and I have dedicated ourselves to a jumping jacks challenge. What are the rules? Well, do as many as you can in a day 4 times a week. Each week add a minimum of 10 to your daily amount of jumping jacks.
Anyone want to join me? I’ve decided to do the same thing with push ups and squats (twice a week).

I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress in the Fitness section.
Here’s a video to show you how to do a jumping jack properly.




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  1. The Momma

    I’ve done 40 today baby!

  2. alison

    I’ve been following your wedding preparations and everything looks so exciting and beautiful =) I just wanted to recommend a few fitness tips, as I have tried similar regimes: try some swimming. You do cardio and tone your body at the same time. And try to stay in the pool for at least an hour — keep moving, no matter how slow, and you’ll get your heart rate up for that full hour. Jumping jacks are great but they are hard to keep up for a full hour! Best of luck.

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