My Wedding Shoes!

Christopher and I went shopping today to scout out some wedding shoes. Honestly, I didn’t think  I would find the perfect pair but like any girly girl I am always up for a good trip to the mall! 🙂 So, off we went. We went from store to store to store…I didn’t see too much that I liked. There was one pair by Ragazza that was quite beautiful, but I insisted we look just a bit more. We found Jimmy Choo to have a great pair of blush pink pumps (one of my wedding colors) but with a price tag $550 we decided to keep walking. Suddenly, there they were…STUART WEITZMAN shining in all his glory. MY shoes! The PERFECT pair.

Are they traditional? No. Not at all. They are silk, sling backs in a stunning slate color. Why slate? Well I think it is just the right amount of detail and it’s the other color in my decor. Slate and blush.  The silk gives an antique vibe which I LOVE.

So, without further ad0, my wedding shoes….

Aren’t they wonderful? The detail on the toes makes me sigh every time I see it! Furthermore, it slims my foot and has NO clunkiness at all. There’s a detail on the buckle that is charming as well. It’s just a tiny piece of patent leather in the same color. It adds a slight shine that says “HEY CLASSY GIRL!” 🙂 Oh, Stuart…will you marry me? Oops! I mean, come to my wedding?! YES?! YES!

Now for the grand finale! Check out the price on these babies! 🙂 I will go die now.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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One response to “My Wedding Shoes!

  1. Garrett Stouffe

    OMG I looooooooove them!! They are gorgeous!

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