Fitness Program Starts Tomorrow!

Well it’s that time again…after a month of vacation I think it’s time for me to get back to work on my weight goal. I’m very excited. My inspiration comes mainly from my mother who has recently started a food journal and progress blog about her weight. I’m going to mimic her food journal and do my best to update you guys throughout my trials and success on my Fitness page. I appreciate ALL encouraging words ♥

Format will be slightly different than what I’ve done in the past. I’m working today to combine a few fitness routines. I will post my routine along with my food menu/journal for you guys to read, critique, and edit as you see fit. I will continue to post a weekly picture of my progress as well as  a weekly playlist of music I’ve been listening to to get my heart pumping…you know. 🙂

Check out this awesome websites between now and tomorrow and maybe we can all workout together??? (in virtual land that is)

Female Meal Plan to Consider

Three Proven Thigh Slimmers

Fat Burning Cardio



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  1. Angie

    Those links are great! I’m also trying to reach my goal…well I’ve been trying ever since July. You might want to try subscribing to Jillian Michaels free daily emails not the program or else you have to pay. They give out great advice on not only eating and excercising, but also on how to work and maintain your metabolism.

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