Invitations Invitations!

I’ve been looking online everywhere for examples of pretty invitations…now I want this whole lace and pearl theme and it is not the easiest to find. I mean they are there, but a lot look sort of like an old woman’s birthday party. I want elegant not dead you know? This is probably the best I’ve found, but it isn’t perfect.

I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with.



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3 responses to “Invitations Invitations!

  1. korriswedding

    Hey Doll!
    Have you checked They have tons of handmade invitations, and I feel like I’ve seen some with lace.

  2. i worked for a company called Someday Designs located in Syosset, New York…their website doesn’t do justice but they make custom invitations for weddings and all types of parties you should check them out! They specialize in using lace, swaroski crystals, pearls, satin & silk ribbons, etc… …call them up they would be more then happy to do exactly what you wish no matter what state you are in!

  3. Dolly,
    I’ve been reading your posts…and looked at your dress…and invites. We have such similar taste. I love lace and pearls…
    and your dress…stunning.
    Keep in touch.

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