The Groom Should Look Pretty Too

When I got engaged I made a promise to myself to include my groom in every aspect of planning. I wanted it to be OUR day, not just mine. I get a little sick to my stomach when I see brides-to-be stomping their feet and screaming about how it’s their day. Like hello? You’re still not God just because you get to wear an expensive gown…and anyway, you wouldn’t even be here had HE not proposed. So here’s to the groom looking pretty too. After all, a wedding is for the bride and groom to SHARE. 🙂

Knowing my perspective you can imagine how pleased I was when my soon-to-be-mother-in-law suggested Christopher purchase his own, special tuxedo instead of renting. It only took an hour but Christopher found the PERFECT tuxedo. It’s so modern yet has a classic feel as well.  Check it out! The silk peak lapel will really broaden Christopher’s shoulders and modernize what would normally be quite a classic tuxedo. The pants (not shown) are quite slim also. I’d say Dolce and Gabanna did a fantastic job with this design! My heart just about stopped when I saw Christopher come out of the dressing room anyway. I really am marrying the most handsome man out there!

Christopher and I are HUGE fans of the show Mad Men, so when the opportunity came to wear a bow tie we looked no further than Don Draper, the King of Sleek. After some searching Christopher found a vintage 1960, thin bow-tie made in England on Ebay for about $4! I think it looks PERFECT with this tuxedo and finishes off an oh-so-clean look for him. I’m so excited!

Last but not least Christopher and I headed to Brooks Brothers to have his tuxedo shirt made (not shown). What an experience! Every man should do this if they have the opportunity. The custom shirt specialist took Christopher into the changing room to get measured. When Christopher came out he couldn’t believe the detail of the work done. The specialist even had Christopher flex his biceps so the shirt would not be too tight or too loose. Never having had a shirt made before, we didn’t even know this issue existed. The whole staff of Brooks Brothers was so knowledgeable and well dressed. I highly recommend them.

Anyway, as you can see a lot time and thought can be spent on what the groom wears on his wedding day. It doesn’t have to be ALL about the bride. I’m so proud to see Christopher in his new diggs and can’t wait for everyone else to see also.

Happy Tux Shopping!



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2 responses to “The Groom Should Look Pretty Too

  1. Garrett Stouffe

    OMG Dolce and Gabana!! I need to get involved with this family somehow. Is there anyone who is gay or questioning?? A brother….cousin….young uncle?? haha jk. I am so happy for you though. I want to ask you so many questions about your wedding (most of them inappropriate I am sure) but we never got to hang out!

  2. Angie

    haha…Don Draper is the King of Sleek!

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