Maui Vacation and My Dress

I am sitting in Maui listening to the ocean waves crash on the shore of Kaanapali beach, a breeze coming through the door to the balcony. It’s no wonder fellow brides want their wedding in Hawaii. What an idyllic state…so much romance that my wedding-planning mind can hardly stand it!

Being here has me thinking about Destination Weddings in regard to my own. On a whole, my wedding in Vancouver doesn’t fit the bill completely. Christopher is from Vancouver, his parents live there and a large chunk of family and friends do too. However many of our guests have to travel. It’s on the ocean and there are mountains in every view, so why shouldn’t my wedding be treated as a destination wedding? The excitement, the romance, nature’s rhythmic beauty…So, I’ve made it my goal to combine the tradition and warmth of an at-home wedding with the charm and adventure of a destination wedding. What do you think? I really think mydress captures my idea best. No veil, flowers in my hair and a single pearl around my neck…you get the idea. Here’s a photo just as a sneek peek…♥

My mother and I both cried when I put it on. It’s just so perfect for my special day…now if only I were as thin as that model! (hehe) I’m still working on that. Round 3 is coming up right after Maui. Crunch time! My dress fitting will be in the beginning of April! I can hardly stand the excitement!

Well I should get going…snuggle time with my most wonderful one 🙂




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6 responses to “Maui Vacation and My Dress

  1. Crystal

    Dolly! I absolutely adore the dress. It is almost exactly the dress I want to wear if I ever get married. You’re going to look gorgeous in it.

  2. Liz

    Ohhhhh Dolly!!!! The dress is just GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Garrett Stouffe

    I have never seen a dress with lace that I like but I LOOOOOVE this dress! So elegant, classy, beautiful. PERFECT for YOU!!

  4. Garrett Stouffe

    PS That model aint got nothing on you!

  5. i absolutely love this dress. great choice

  6. This is gorgeous! You are going to be so beautiful in it!!

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