11 Days Down; 8 Hour Flight to Go

Christopher and I decided this would be our last year apart for the holidays. It’s been difficult without him. We haven’t been apart more than 2 days in over a year and this time we have been apart ELEVEN! Stop whining right? Lots of other brides-to-be have to be away from their fiance much longer and I know that, but it doesn’t make this any easier. Christopher is my very BEST friend and I miss kissing his cheeks in the morning. Plus he’s just so darn cute isn’t he??? Many phone calls and cute texts to and from helped me cope bunches.

Visiting my parents in Texas is always a lot of fun though too. My mom is so likable and my dad gives good advice. He’s started a new business (R&R Bean), so I was excited to see the work he’s done. I’m more of a tea drinker but his coffee was DELICIOUS. Sooo proud of him! The whole family went “geocaching” as well. It’s basically a treasure hunt around the city. I felt a little silly in the bushel hunting for tupperware with a coordinate GPS, but had a lot of fun too. We found a dollar in one hidden geocache! Yeah!

Anyway, TOMORROW I get to see Christopher, after an 8 hour flight, and give him all the hugs and kisses I want to in Maui. Thank goodness…there’s no relaxation quite like the beaches of Hawaii. I love the time I get to spend reading and thinking and basically day dreaming. The frozen drinks are also pretty good and even better after about 3 🙂

For Christmas I got a Nintendo DS which I did NOT expect at all, but I’m sure will take up a LOT of my time on the plane and poolside. Here’s the video of me receiving it from my Dad. You’ll see that I am quite the nerd:

Hope everyone’s holiday was joyful and fulfilling. Family is the best part of life and I can’t wait to have one with Christopher (eventually)!


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  1. Garrett Stouffe

    I think you have am accent girl!! Call me call me soon! I want to se your pretty face!

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