Our Marital Mission Statement

At the end of the marital preparation class Christopher and I took this past weekend, we had the assignment of creating a marital mission statement, a growing, changing, mission statement to be read on our 25th Anniversary. What would we like to accomplish in our marriage? How would we like other people in society to see us? How can we prepare for a loving home and safe retirement? Basically, what will be the foundation of our relationship and marriage.

Due to the intimacy of this project I won’t post ours. However writing this with Christopher reassured me that our feet are headed down the same path and our eyes are looking at the same page. It was quite a bonding experience.

If you’re engaged and not attending a class, or your class didn’t require this, I recommend you ask your partner to participate in this excercise. If you’re married and haven’t done this yet sit down and think about it with your partner. What do you want as a couple? Who do you want to be as a couple? Then work toward making that happen.

I’m excited to see how our statement grows and changes in the next 25 years.




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