I Dream in Stephanie Allin

Stephanie Allin makes the most beautiful wedding dresses. After perusing her website, I spent almost a full day thinking about what I’d look like in each design. She has perfected simplicity. A string of pearls. A flower in my hair. A Stephanie Allin dress to make my dream look complete.




Stephanie Allin Kelly




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6 responses to “I Dream in Stephanie Allin

  1. Jeri Power

    I love the second one. You will look beautiful in whatever you pick.

  2. Aunt Terra

    I love the middle one after the 1st 2.

    So pretty!

  3. Rose

    those are gorgeous! have you ever watched the show Say Yes to the Dress? It’s on TLC, I’m not sure if it airs in Canada but you should definitely look for it (online maybe?). You might be inspired.

  4. Bradley

    I like the first and the second one the best.. but they’re all really gorgeous designs! What other designers have you been looking at?

  5. Jennifer

    I like the first one and the fourth one. The fourth one really reminds me of you for some reason. They are all gorgeous though. 🙂

  6. Lydia

    I heart the last 2! Of course, I think that i’m shopping for myself ;)!

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